Why do we call ourselves BONUS CLIENT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS?

Every day companies that do not have a SOLID digital solution to harvest business from the Internet, are becoming less and less competitive. Our attempts to do these things ourselves are often both frustrating and end in expensive “mistakes”. There are many so called “digital marketing experts” with all sorts of promises. How does one compare? One is vaguely aware that, like using the expertise of a SOLICITOR or an ACCOUNTANT, there is a need to find someone who is an expert in this field. How does one know who?

At BONUS CLIENT we understand this dilemma. Our motive is for us to put our money where our mouths are. What proof is better than:

We will provide your complete digital marketing solutions in return for a commission on what is sold by our efforts. With that credibility, we will also provide you with other digital solutions should they be required.

The Internet is made up of many marketing components, far too many to list them all in any detail. As a business however we believe these are the steps that need to be embraced:

  • Good website design. We build you a website.
  • Usability testing.
  • Reporting and website analytics
  • SEO or SEM. Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing
  • Paid Search. Internet Advertising - PPC (Pay Per Click). Banner, Directory Submission, Google Maps. Google, Facebook etc. We cover this cost. Free for you as the client.
  • Social Media Development. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

Bonus Client Digital Solutions is located in Umhlanga Rocks in the main village close to Pick & Pay.
All digital marketing analysts are kept up to date with the latest tools and developments.
This includes completing the Google qualification tests on a regular basis