Service offered.

  1. Google Adwords setup and monthly management of the account.
  2. Facebook advertising.
  3. Other paid search if relevant to your business.

Pay Per Click, or PPC,  advertising was originally introduced to the Internet by a company called “Go To”. Since then “Go To” has changed its name at least 3 times and has now been swallowed up into the huge Yahoo/MSN advertising networks. 

Google Adwords however is the market leader today followed by Facebook- Steve Bennett, director of Bonus Client Digital Solutions has used it extensively for more than 15 years. 

Newspaper, TV and radio ads all hit an audience on mass and hope for the best, PPC on the other hand comes into play every time a user performs a search query related to your product or service. The fact that the user is performing a search is an indication of their interest in that particular service or product; it is this which makes PPC such a powerful marketing and advertising tool.

With more and more businesses using Pay Per Click as one of their leading forms of advertising it is essential to have an optimised campaign which drives down the cost as well as achieving top spots on search results and here at Bonus Client Digital Solutions we offer exactly that.