Service offered.

  • If not already completed we would create a Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Google Maps and LinkedIn page for your business to extend your online advertising presence.
  • We would then prepare content plans for each. Also known as “thought leadership”.
  • Blogs & Articles, to push through the low ranking keywords on your site in conjunction with the SEO.

These types of sites have been coined as “social media” websites. The difference is simply that users are able to interact “back to” the website.
In essence, the word “social media” is just one of the latest buzz words and now everyone is clamouring to be part of this thing called “social media” A bit like - “QUICK we had better do it before we lose out!!” We might add that many may not really understand what it is they are losing out on - but just do it anyhow.

Facebook page or a Google + Page?
Is our business optimised on Google Maps? Have we claimed the business?
A blog?
A forum? 
A Twitter topic or topics? etc etc